Donate 1%

The museum of Industry and Railway in Silesia has the status of a public benefit organization. Once a year, as every taxpayer, you can help us in achieving our goals by providing us with 1% of your tax.

Why should you choose us?

The museum consistently executes historic preservation of railway and industrial technics in Silesia. Our aims are achieved through the preservation of goods, which are within our area of interest, plus through informational actions and organising cultural and educational events.

What happens to the funds raised by the museum?

When it comes to financial issues, transparency plays a major role for us. Every single year, the museum compiles and publishes on its website a financial statement. It shows, in a detailed and clear manner, how our funds are raised and used.

What can you gain by donating your 1% to support the Museum’s activity?

You actively participate in saving and maintaining the cultural heritage. Each and every Benefactor, regardless of the amount of donated resources, receives a yearlong entrance ticket allowing him to explore the Museum and participate in all the events organized by us.

How to donate your 1%?

By putting our KRS number in your annual tax return. For simplicity of annual financial statements, we encourage you to use our free program available at the link below:

Our KRS number 0000225114