The Museum’s Collections

The collection consists of 34 locomotives, 41 carriages, and 8 workshop machines. These exhibits were taken over in 2004 from PKP. They were in a pitiful state, mostly not functioning. Office buildings, workshops and the roundhouse hall required thorough repairs.

During the first phase of the Museum’s activities, a number of cleanup and security works have been done. The majority of rooms and roofs of buildings have been renovated. Additionally, whole electrics has been fixed and extra lighting has been mounted. Refurbished rooms have been changed into offices, an auditorium and exhibition halls.

This exhibition presents the historical legacy of the rolling stock from 1890 till 1970. After 10 years of prosperity, the Museum opened this exhibition. The collection consists of 40 steam locomotives (of Polish, German, English and American production), electric and diesel locomotives and over 50 carriages and other technical railway vehicles, positioned on tracks with a total length of about 2 km.

The museum owns the only functional standard gauge steam locomotive in Lower Silesia – Polish steam locomotive TKt48-18 from 1951. Additionally, it owns a unique collection of equipment, tools and railway documents as well as iconographical repertories associated with the area of Silesia. Among many of the museum’s treasures, one can find an industrial machinery and equipment exhibition which includes a Polish computer, ODRA, from 1974. The majority of this collection is a miscellany of iconography, library and archival sources as well as other sources connected to the railway and its surroundings in the field of communication and traffic safety.

Here, one can see a collection of historical Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Despite the fact, that those models are dated back to 1924 – 1984, they are still roadworthy thanks to meticulous refurbishments. They are a part of the Department of the History of Communications, which also includes an exhibition devoted to the history of motorcyclism in Silesia and the Museum of automotive toys. In 2007, historical radio sets and railway radio engineering devices were added to the collection. If one is passionate about World War II, one must see a stationary exhibition, set in two freighters, presenting an influence of the railway during the resettlement of the population during World War II.