Steam Gala 2019

Steam Gala 2019

In 2011, the Railway Museum in Silesia organized the first International Rally of Historic Steam Locomotives Gala. Within a few years this event became one of the most important gatherings for vintage railway lovers not only in Poland, but also throughout the Polish-Czech-German border.

During the conventions, we have been visited by steam locomotives from Germany, the Czech Republic and Poland. Every year, thousands of tourists from Poland and abroad visit the siding in the Railway Museum in Silesia during the Gala.

In 2017, we decided to change the formula of the rally and invited agricultural and utility vehicles to participate in addition to steam locomotives. This is how the Gala of Steam was created; the only exhibition of active, vintage steam locomotives, machines and commercial vehicles in Poland.

The Gala of Steam takes place simultaneously in three branches of the Foundation for the Protection of Industrial Heritage in Silesia:

In all the branches, all-day presentations of active, vintage vehicles and devices are organised, taking into account the specificity and character of each location.

Visit us on 7th and 8th of September 2019


Railway Museum of Silesia in Jaworzyna Śląska

In the Museum, presentations of vintage rolling stock railway units are organized throughout the day. The biggest attraction of the Gala is the opportunity to see vintage steam locomotives in motion, during journeys and also carrying out train operations – e.g. manoeuvres on the siding.

It is traditional to present refurbished and restored railway vehicles in the Steam Engine Gala. This year, the audience will be presented with one of the first Polish rail buses SA102-002, having undergone maintenance at the Railway Museum in Silesia. The gala is a place for everyone; old technology enthusiasts and railway lovers, but also for visitors encountering railway technology for the first time. This year’s attractions will include the locomotive drive simulator, park railway, model railway presentations or fashion shows from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. The youngest rail enthusiasts will be able to take part in the great painting of Peter’s locomotive. One of the locomotives from the Museum’s collection will undergo a metamorphosis and will be transformed into one of the heroes of the animated fairy tale.

All visitors are invited to participate in a competition for the most authentic railway costumes in two categories: “On the journey” and “On duty”. A bistro zone will be organized in the Museum, where you can relax and try some regional specialties.



Museum of Agricultural Technology in Silesia in Piotrowice Świdnickie

The Museum of Agricultural Technology is located 2km from Jaworzyna Śląska, in a small village with a medieval origin. The museum occupies more than four hectares, consisting of a mansion and farm estate, completed by a moat surrounding the 16th century renaissance mansion. The Gala of Steam in Piotrowice is an outdoor exhibition of historic vehicles and agricultural machinery. The exhibition is also accompanied by machine operation demonstrations including threshing and ploughing.

Those who would like, are invited to try their hand at some fitness competitions at the Village Green. Visitors to Piotrowice are also invited to participate in a competition for the most authentic disguise in the categories of “In the Field” and “At Play”. Undoubtedly, the greatest excitement amongst the Gala visitors is sparked by the races of vintage tractors and trucks which take place on the castle field.

Food lovers will have the chance to take part in dumpling and pasta making workshops, as well as to enjoy a meal in the castle kitchen. In the farm, you can try some beers from local craft breweries.

Młyn Hilberta widok ogólny w 1937 r.

Hilbert Mill in Dzierżoniów

The historic mill in Dzierżoniów joins the Gala of Steam for the first time. It is the largest preserved grain mill in Poland with a complete assembly line for the production of whole grains, flour and bran. The appliances come from the 1930s and present the development of milling techniques at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries.

During the Gala of Steam, a flour packing line will be launched and those who would like, will be able to try their hand at packing. We would also like to invite anyone who is interested, to participate in traditional gingerbread workshops.

Vintage commercial vehicles from the PRL period, vintage and modern vehicles as well as agricultural machines will be presented at the square in front of Młyn.


Museum of Railway in Silesia

Adults: 30.00 zł / pp
Kids: 15.00 zł / pp

Museum of Agricultural Techniques in Silesia

Adults: 25.00 zł / pp
Kids: 15.00 zł / pp

Hilbert’s Grain Mill

Adults: 20.00 zł / pp
Kids: 15.00 zł / pp